Gorgeous Looking Platformer Mimpi Gets a Psychedelic Website

Mimpi is a little white cuddly dog and hero of Crescent Moon Games upcoming adventure, puzzle, platformer (well, we still haven’t come up with a name for a genre that combines all three of them). The popular game development company are gearing up for the game release by launching an exclusive website for Mimpi.

Mimpi tells the story of a dog who travels in search of its master across 8 beautifully illustrated levels. The game environment looks extremely interactive with lots of puzzles to solve to reach the exit point. The game appears to tells a story without actually using words.

Mimpi will also feature plenty of short comics and mini games and if this video trailer hasn’t got you hooked, I don’t know what will. Mimpi’s got some very interesting visuals, 8 different skins, and super smooth music and we can’t wait to learn more about the game.

While you enjoy these awesome visuals, don’t forget to check out the Mimpi website. There are some cool graphics showing Mimpi escaping a crazy scientist’s lab, Mimpi going on an underwater adventure and more! And while you’re at it, do take the lonely fellow for a run… errr.. jump, will you!

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