Google Android Console Should Be Premiered on Fall 2013

We know we are little late with this news but you know what they say, early bird is hard to find but never changes its spots. Anyway, it’s not a secret that mobile market is expanding, not only in software and hardware but also in innovation niche. You heard about the Ouya, a Kickstarted Android console now available for $99 and every few days we hear about Apple iWatch patent protection and the rumors that they are preparing the small portable console. Valve is also working on their Linux console, named Stream Box.

Well, Google doesn’t plan to be left behind on the booming market. Although the info is still from „reliable, anonymous“ source, new Android console should be premiered on Fall 2013. We should not forget that Google is also working on Glass and with device compatibility, they could integrate smartphone, tablet, glasses, watch and console into one giant Android system.

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