Get Ready to Take On Gameloft’s Latest Endless Runner Danger Dash

Gameloft known for some of best and most awesome games on the Play Store are out with their latest endless runner called Danger Dash. It was only three months ago when we were smashing and dashing with those goofy minions in Despicable Me and before too long, we have another gorgeous looking one on our sights!

Danger Dash should be quite familiar to fans who have ran the distance with games like Temple Run and Agent Dash. Players can take on the role of handsome hero Chuck Ace, adventurous chic Miranda Rose, or the powerful and almighty Blowing Wind to rake up highest scores. There’s nothing really original about the game though and players will experience much of the same elements seen in other endless runners, collecting artifacts, avoiding obstacles, picking up power ups and so on.

In Danger dash, the environments are lush and beautiful, a trademark seen in most Gameloft games. Here are some of the other key features of the game.

Key Features: Danger Dash

  • Run in exotic locations: A jungle, a lost city, and a mysterious temple.
  • Collect cool artifacts
  • Play as Chuck Ace, Miranda Rose, or Blowing Wind
  • Use upgrades like Revival Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever
  • Play for top scores on online leaderboards

If you haven’t tired yourself of endless runners yet, you can grab Danger Dash from the Play Store now. It’s free!

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