Gentlemen…Ricochet! is a Physics Based Shooter you Play with the Elite

Enough with the boys’ games. Its time now to play in style… with your top hat and monocle gentlemen. Bïtse Games are inviting you to a round of Gentlemen…Ricochet!, which the small town of SmallBridge is well known for.

Gentlemen…Ricochet! is a physics based puzzle game where you need to successfully flick a token across Ricochet tables to its end zone. There are three stars to be picked up while you make your way around the screen and you can make use of objects on the screen to navigate your way to the end. Collecting at least one star is mandatory as this will unlock the end table.

The challenge in the game lies in grabbing all three stars plus a trophy in as few flicks as possible. Easier said than done, as you don’t have a trajectory to evaluate your next shoot. Dragging the token around sometimes careens off the token even before you’ve made your move and it does take an eternity to start over when you have missed a shot.

If you have a good eye for rebounding stuff at gravity defying angles, have the time of day to sit down with a glass of beer and your cigar, Gentlemen…Ricochet! might be a game that can keep you in good company. Price: Free

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