Garish and Pulsating Electronic Super Joy Will Make It to Android

Platforming games are a dime a dozen! And Michael Todd Games have one too! Its called Electronic Super Joy and although players can get the Early Access Game on Steam (Beta) for $4.99, Android owners will have to wait for at least one month after the game launches on PC to get it on on the Play Store.

The core plot in Electronic Super Joy revolves around the tyrannical rule of the Evil Groove-wizard and one captain’s fight against his tyranny! Set in a fiendishly garish environment with seductively pulsating electronic music in the background, players will traverse through 45 plus levels of crazy environments while trying to overcome low gravity, giant monsters and incoming missiles. As with most platformers, players will be doing plenty of running, smashing, jumping, and flying before reaching the exit point. The game also features fresh new game achievements and at least three major boss fights.

Here’s a quick feature update:

Key Features: Electronic Super Joy

  • 45 Plus Pulse-Pounding levels!
  • Over 35 tracks of electronic music!
  • Jump, Smash, Fly, and Dance across 3 brutal worlds!
  • 8+ hours of gameplay!
  • 3 HUGE Boss fights!
  • Far too many crude puns!

You’ll be forgiven if you put on your sunglasses before checking out these screenshots and video trailer!  And hey, if you love the theme music, you can instantly download it on the official site for $3.99.

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