Flex Your Biceps and Show ’em Who’s Hot in the Impossibly Vain Game Beach God

Stroll into a beach and what do you see…. all those gorgeous babes strutting around in the tiniest of beach wear! Doesn’t that make you want you want to rip off your T-shirt and show them your guns?

If you’ve downed too many beers and burgers and only have a big paunch to show for it, don’t you worry, Beach God is a game for you. You can put yourself in the place of this game’s hero, a well built guy whose main job in the game is to flex his guns and impress the ladies passing by.

Beach God is what you aim to be, but vanity it appears often comes with a price. You cannot sit idly by when a lady passes you because that would be the most humiliating thing to happen to you and well, you could die out of the sheer embarrassment of it. On the other hand, you can’t simply keep flexing all day, you’d run out of oxygen and could end up a pile of bones.

Aaaah! you see…its not easy being a beach God. You have to ensure that you take the right amount of breaks and keep on flexing as long as a lady’s checking you out. Tough luck!

Beach God is that kind of game where you know you’re going to die and your only hope is to get as big a score as you can. The 16-bit graphics bring a cool vibe to the game and you can bet this one’s going to bring you some light-hearted entertainment as well.

Beach God is available on the Play Store for free. If you think you’ve got what it takes to impress the babes, give this one a go and tell us how you did too.

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