Enter Another Great RPG World With RPG Fortuna Magus

Kemco Games is a powerhouse when it comes to pumping out mobile RPGs. Just looking at their game history they have a ton of RPG titles such as RPG End of Aspiration, RPG Bonds of the Skies, RPG Chronus Ark and tons more. Now adding to the collect is a new RPG game titled RPG Fortuna Magus. The story behind Fortuna Magus is that Amane, Tia and Lill lived a nice  life together with their father, Kalius who then suddenly disappears. Before mysteriously leaving he leaves Amane in charge of Tia and Lill. Then Amane and Tia meet Ret a magus who sets the whole story going. The story is typical Kemco Games RPG fashion and if you like or play the other RPG titles you’ll know essentially what to expect.

For those who don’t know the other Kemco Games RPG titles, RPG Fortuna Magus is a fantasy RPG that has hours and hours of gameplay even after you beat the game. In terms of RPG battle dynamics, RPG Fortuna Magus has a few tricks up its sleeve. There are revelations in Fortuna Magus which is an interesting take on upgrading and ranking up in powers and skills. The more you use a skill the more revelations you’ll have in that skill set. There are also technical points you can earn from attacking which if you get your TP meter to 100% you can unleash super moves. There are also magestones which raise your elemental levels and are found in basic loot areas. In general, RPG Fortuna Magus is another RPG but from Kemco which are masters of the RPG genre. If you’re interested there is a sale price right now for $3.99 (originally $7.99), so take advantage of that.

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