Enter A New Fantasy World With Glyph Quest

Newcomer developer team, Alex, Leanne and Sproglet, are here to bring you their debut game Glyph Quest. You may have seen it on the Google Play store but not quite understood what it is about due to a rather nondescriptive summary. Have no fear though as we will tell you what it is about and why you should check it out (because you really should!).

At its core Glyph Quest is a puzzle battle type mobile game where you play a wizard or witch in the land of adventure which is unfortunately filled with all sorts of monsters. To battle these monsters you simply match the like glyphs. Matching these glyphs bring the forces of nature on your side to do your bidding and you will learn more along the way as you play. You also want to complete your monster bestiary by defeating one of every kind. Sound simple but then Glyph Quest makes it slightly more complicated (and fun) but introducing combo spells, chains and opposition. All of this is presented in a neat graphical look that isn’t overplayed like what you normally see in the app and Google Play store. You can get the first five levels for free as a trial and I highly suggest you do so!

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