Dystopian Simulation Game Papers, Please Coming to Android

If you follow indie PC titles you may have played the beta or now bought and played the full version of a little game called Papers, Please from developer Lucas Pope. Papers, Please is a document reviewing simulation game set in a dystopian universe…I know it sounds like a weird concept just checking people’s passports and credentials but it has actually turned out to be a fairly big success. And now that PC success is coming to Android and iOS in the future.

The plan is to eventually bring Papers, Please to tablets (both Android and iOS) and Pope says there will be no issue getting it published on Google Play (unlike on the Apple store). This is good news for us Android users as Papers, Please has been getting a lot of attention and looks to be a great game with loads of minute details.

Personally I’ve only played the beta version and since then the game has gotten a lot more fleshed out. At the core it still is about checking credentials and allowing people to enter the country but the credentials keep getting added and added and soon you have to cross reference many different papers such as vaccination histories, work visas, etc. From there the game has a whole social commentary aspect where you gain money (which is also dependent on how you play the game) and need to actually decide what to spend it on in terms of food, rent, etc. to try and live. Papers, Please is certainly an interesting game that would do well on Android tablets and I can’t wait till it actually is.

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