Dropchord Drops Fresh Beats

Double Fine Productions brings a new musical skill game called Dropchord which promises a score driven rhythm mobile game with mesmerizing graphics and an original musical soundtrack. Dropchord hit the Google Play store the first of the month and has already been getting positive attention.

Gameplay looks simple enough and that really is a charm that it has going for it. Brightly colored shapes and flashes abound and all synchronized with electronic music that bounces around. Dropchord really looks like a crazy acid trip but without the drug influence but all the bright colors and sound which is inspired by music visualizers.

Boasting a whole ten song original electronic album you know that Dropchord is all about the music and in this case the rhythm for its gameplay. There are two different gameplay modes in Dropchord that will challenge you and entertain you. The first is the standard mode which is level based and introduces game concepts to you and the other mode is “Full Mix” mode which is an endless type mode where the gameplay keeps getting harder and harder.  Complete with high score boards so you can challenge and compare with friends Dropchord is a game that is about getting the highest score and getting the bragging rights to it.

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