Descend Into the Unknown With Dungeon Madness

Dungeon crawler RPGs and roguelikes are nothing new but still a popular and fun mobile game genre. Dungeon Madness is another leaf in the pile so to speak but does manage to stand out in the crowd. The story behind Dungeon Madness is that an evil wizard has hidden himself in a dungeon and is plotting to conquer the world. It is your task to find him and kill him to stop this madness!

Dungeon Madness is a fairly typical RPG in that in your journey you will find all sorts of loot to equip yourself with as well as learn abilities and spells to take out all your enemies. In total there are 13 floors to the dungeon which correlate basically to levels and in it, again, you will find tons of loot. You have room to learn five different spells and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Graphics are an interesting combination of pixelated with a 3D-ish isometric view that seems to be a hot style lately and to be honest doesn’t look terrible. The best part about Dungeon Madness, however, is that it is free and also free of micro transactions. Get this great free RPG today!

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