Cute and Cartoony Puzzle Game Help Me Fly Lands on the Play Store

Help Me Fly from Funtomic is a colorful and fun looking puzzle game where you need to connect batteries to power up Joe’s plane that’s just crashed. Joe is unhappy about the fact that toy planes are no longer built like the good old days. His plane keeps continually running out of power and crash landing in each of the game’s 60 levels. The good news is that there’s always a battery at hand. The fun part: you need to connect the battery to the plane.

The challenge lies in how you can skillfully manipulate the blocks lying around to connect the battery to the plane while picking up randomly placed stars as well. The connecting boards have different charactaristics; some can be moved while others cannot; some can be rotated and so on. As you progress through the game additional items including barriers and switches are introduced to add more fun, variety, and challenge to gameplay.

Help Me Fly has beautiful artwork, is ad-free and does not include IAPs and you can download it for the price of $0.99.

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