Cut Chucks Of Planetary Lands and Defeat Aliens in Indie Arcade Game Space Saw

If space games are your kinda thing, indie game developers Butchersworkshop have put together a classic arcade game you might enjoy. This one takes you across the nine planets of our solar system with one object: sawing off the lands that are infested with all sorts of alien creatures.

While the concept itself is quite simple, the gameplay is quite challenging. You only have limited chances to saw off as much land as possible, you have to do it without striking any of the creatures and before you run out of energy. Energy will be gradually recharged but you can also head over to the Store to buy some should you get caught up in the challenges the game throws your way. Powerups also come in handy when you have to face those scary alien creatures and deal with those epic boss fights.

The game also rewards you with stars (depending on how much lands you saw off) and you can show off all your achievements on the Google Play Services platform, should you care. Space Saw is optimized for HD smartphones and tablets so go ahead and download the game on your favorite device. It’s free after all!

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