Construction Simulator 2014 – Almost Like A Real Job

It seems people get obsessed with construction and heavy machinery. You’ll always see little kids playing with toy dump trucks and such. This obsession and interest has of course crossed over into the video gaming realm. So if you’ve always wanted to work in construction and such, Construction Simulator 2014 by astragon Software is here now and basically turns your Android device into a mobile construction site.

In Construction Simulator 2014 you get to take control of 14 different construction machines such as concrete pumps, excavators, bulldozers and more. But Construction Simulator 2014 isn’t a vehicular simulation video game, you actually get to use these to make some awesome buildings and realistically so. Pour foundations, lay the framework, etc. More than 300 construction themed tasks are at your disposal giving you more than 20 hours of gameplay. Graphics in Construction Simulator 2014 are top notch high-quality 3D and the controls for the vehicles are very realistic for being on a mobile device. So if you want to build a school or a wind farm and just general pilot some crazy machines, check out Construction Simulator 2014 for $2.99.

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Great Sim

Amazing simulator. I' used to play with construction toys as a kid and now i'm doing it on my Kindle. :)

Posted by BigJim 7 years ago

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