Cloud Raiders Brings The Familiar Clash of Clans Style Back

It is no secret that after Clash of Clans hit it big that tons of clones, some good and some bad, flooded the market. Well, another one that is reminiscent of the popular Clash of Clans style is out now. Cloud Raiders by GIGL is the one in question and as the name suggests the theme is the sky! Basically your fortresses this go around are floating islands and then you can go out and conquer others.

The most important part of Cloud Raiders is building up your fortress. Here is where you can fortify yourself with canons, spells, traps, etc. These will protect you when other players come to attack you. But what if you want to be offensive rather than defensive? Well, train your own troops! You can train axe-brandishing marauders, grenade-lobbing bombardiers, fire-breathing dragons, and more to take on your opponents and grab their loot. Note that while there is a heavy focus on the PvP aspect a la Clash of Clans there is a campaign you can go through complete with epic boss battles. Don’t think of Cloud Raiders as a copycat Android game but rather as another good game to add to your library that happens to be similar to an already popular game.

Cloud Raiders

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