City Island Changes Seasons With City Island: Winter Edition

The developer team, Sparkling Society, is no stranger to city building games. Their first (and only) city building mobile game was City Island and since then has gotten a few different overhaul editions such as City Island Airport. They must do a good job because now another new edition has been released called City Island: Winter Edition.

As you can imagine with the name “Winter Edition”, this City Island edition plays like the typical city building genre and the old City Island but with a snowy, wintery theme. You still need to balance issues with your citizens, create jobs for them, build up different buildings and decorations, the whole typical nine yards. Of course this time you’re doing it with snow falling down. Either way, City Island: Winter Edition features over 100 unique buildings ranging from hotels, bakeries, libraries and more. If you like the city building genre check out City Island: Winter Edition today on Google Play.

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