Chariot Wars Has You Racing Ancient Style

Forget modern racers like Asphalt 8 or futuristic racers like Riptide GP2, it is all about ancient style racing in Candella Systems’ latest game Chariot Wars. As the name suggests you won’t be driving fancy cars in this game but rather going the old fashioned way with literal horsepower. Chariot Wars also differs from most racing games due to its story driven content which is told through an in game digital story book.

The actual story of Chariot Wars is surprisingly deep and quite long to explain, so if you’re interested I would say download the game or read about it on the Google Play description. Aside from the story, the real meat and potatoes of Chariot Wars is the racing, of which it has a lot of. Races come in two modes; championship and time trial. Of which you’ll find yourself in lush 3D ancient worlds ranging from Ancient Greece, Egypt, Helvetia and Gaul. You can also change out chariot types and horse breeds in Chariot Wars to get that speed edge you’ve always wanted. Four player multiplayer is not yet available but is in the works according to Candella Systems which is exciting. So if you want to try your hand at racing like the Romans did then download Chariot Wars for free today.

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