Champs: Battleground – Squad Based Combat Fun

Released yesterday by Quark Games is Champs: Battleground, a real-time strategy that is packed full of action and squad based.  Champs: Battleground is all about finding your perfect balance of the champs or champions you want and upgrading them to best everyone from your enemies in the included campaign mode to your friends and strangers online.

The real-time strategy aspect is a big plus for these games as it offers little wait time and no more turns. This seems to translate well in both the campaign mode and PvP online mode. The campaign mode is advertised as fairly normal, just increasingly difficult stages as you upgrade your champs and play in crazy tactical battlegrounds. The PvP mode has enhanced matchmaking to make your matches fair based on your skill level which hopefully will eliminate some frustration and rage quits.

The champ and champion system in Champs: Battleground is perhaps one of the more interesting aspects. There are a lot of unique champs in general and then with the upgrade system you can turn them from their smooth faced boyish looks to hardened warriors of lore. Overall I would say that Champs: Battleground has a nice system going and since it is free to play might as well give it a shot!



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