Can You Survive WW3? Skyhill Eventually Coming

The Mandragora Team has been working on their latest game Skyhill for a bit and while it still has a ways to go before eventually being released on Android and other platforms more details have come in. Basically the setting of Skyhill is a post World War 3 world where also the world is ending in three months. Did I mention that now mutants roam the world? Well, they do and they are angry.

Gameplay of Skyhill is a survival roguelike where you need to explore the surrounding city for food and water as well as weapons and other supplies. You have a safe haven where you can rest and upgrade yourself but you do eventually have to keep roaming further and further away to get supplies. What is good about Skyhill is each game you play is randomly generated thereby giving you tons of replay value. There are also multiple players available to give slightly different experiences each time as well. No formal release date is known for Skyhill but we’ll keep you posted here on AndroidShock.

Source: Skyhill Via PocketGamer

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