Can You Pass the Drivers License Test? Total Parking Out Now

For some reason there is a whole video game genre which revolves around parking cars and other vehicles. It may sound boring as it’s not shooting zombies or racing down freeways but it is a popular genre anyways. I suppose people may like the realism of parking and the challenge of it all. Total Parking by TeaPOT Games aims to bring the most realistic parking game of them all.

The main draw point for Total Parking is that it tries to be the most realistic out of the group. It uses real-world Ackermann steering geometry for turning as well as takes into account vehicle collision, inertia, drag and mass.  The end result is one of the most realistic parking games you’ve ever seen. On top of that Total Parking includes different vehicles to drive, such as: a coup, limo, heavy truck, and a pickup truck. More car choices are coming soon such as a school bus and a truck with a trailer. To make everything look nice, Total Parking has nice 3D graphics. So if you think you’re a great driver, take your skills to the test on your mobile device with Total Parking. Available for free on Google Play now.

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