Can You Make It To The Top? Savant – Ascent Out Now

We’ve seen this happen a few times now, where an artist branches into the video game world to have a game based off their music or an album. This time it is a game based off of EDM music artist Savant simply called Savant – Ascent. Savant’s music has a clear theme and has its own “universe” of sorts. So Savant – Ascent, by D-Pad Studio, is a video game based off of that where you play as Savant battling robots in a tower as you climb higher and higher.

The exact story behind Savant – Ascent is Savant has been cast out of his tower and all the surroundings have been transformed into dangerous enemies. You then need to make it to the top, dodging and shooting waves of enemies. As you progress you unlock tracks from Savant as well as powerups to help you out. Once you beat the game new game modes are unlocked to give more replay value to it all. Savant – Ascent looks extremely well done graphics wise and in the screenshots looks like it is full of action. Whether or not you like Savant’s music, Savant – Ascent seems to be just a fun action platformer. You can download it today for $1.99 on Google Play.

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