Can You Escape Stardog Games’ One Brutal Dungeon

Brett Munro, the lone indie developer of Stardog Games has just unleashed a gorgeous looking 3D labyrinth puzzle game that challenges you to escape one brutal dungeon with no maps but just breadcrumbs and a compass to guide you.

The game’s objective is rather simple; find the key and the door and let yourself out of this brutal dungeon. But it won’t be easy to do that when you have no markings to know where you are going. You could keep going on and on and find yourself in the same place after hours. That’s why, much like the Hansel and Gretel inspired concept, you will place stones along the path to create a sort of breadcrumb trail.

Brett has designed a highly polished game with high resolution shadows and lighting, and animated flame particles. It’s also optimized for high end devices and you will particularly enjoy playing this on a Nexus 7 (Tegra 3, 1GB RAM).

If you have the skill and patience in beating the dungeons, you can give it another go and try to beat your previous timings. Brett has solid plans to evolve the game into a bigger series with a first-person Dark Souls inspired concept where each enemy will have a bigger role to play. While Brett works on the sequel, you can enjoy this one at a special launch price of $0.99, after which it will revert to the regular price of $2.49.

And in case you are interested in first trying out an Oculus Rift tech demo version, you can find all the details here.

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