Build Up Your Mercenary Army In RAVENMARK: Mercenaries

Imagine a war torn area ravaged by battle and years of strife. Now, imagine building up your own army of mercenaries to then take on all sorts of opponents. This is what RAVENMARK: Mercenaries by Witching Hour Studios presents to you. It is a turn based strategy game which features asynchronous battles with random opponents and is a continuation of sorts from RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion.

The biggest feature for RAVENMARK: Mercenaries is the multiplayer. You can challenge players to asynchronous battles or take out mercenary contracts in a more singleplayer mode. As your mercenary company grows, however, you will be faced with harder and harder multiplayer matches. RAVENMARK: Mercenaries also features a diverse group of mercenary bands each with different specialties. You can mix and match these to formulate the perfect group that fits your style of play. You can also use Commander Traits which help your command like a special power as well as hire advisers to get better rewards.

Again, RAVENMARK: Mercenaries is a tactical turn-based strategy game but it has some tricks up its sleeve. These include the zone of control and the standard bearer which throw some kinks in everyone’s plans. If you’re a fan of the RAVENMARK series so far or a new comer but like turn-based strategy games, RAVENMARK: Mercenaries is the game for you and available for free on Google Play today.

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