The Best new mobile games for this week

Which apps do you have on your phone? We are sure you’ve Twitter on your phone. Or even the Betway88 app to try out Betway88 mobile gaming anytime you want. However, did you know you have a whole world of other games to try out too?

Every week, a new set of tiles keeps adding on Google Play’s list highlighting how big the world of Android gaming has become. Whether you want to play for fun or are into real-time gaming, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the best new games that have come up this week.

Call of Duty: Mobile

With all the ingredients that made the franchise a huge success, Call of Duty’s mobile version is the perfect mix of Black Ops and Modern Warfare. The game is available for free but similar to Fortnite and PUBG, in-app purchases are needed on some levels. The game has a mode built especially for the mobile version, called Battle Royale.

The game features a 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper battles and has up to 100 players fighting for survival. If you want the true experience of this game, get in early and collect massive points to gain an edge over the masses.

Onmyoji Chess

The only similarity between actual chess and Onmyoji chess is that they both use a chessboard. Developed by NetEase Games, Onmyoji Chess is a Japanese style strategy game. Each character has a distinct set of abilities and powers. The design of the game is a lot like anime and JRPGs.

To get ahead in the game, a player must use the abilities of its character and strategies to collect pieces and activate bonds. They will make you stronger in the battle, helping you dominate the chessboard in the end. It’s a game that you will enjoy for months at end.

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls

A game from the ’80s, the gothic fantasy game Castlevania has fans from every generation. Grimoire of Souls is their latest offering for mobile phones and is worth to be checked out at least once. The mobile-exclusive game will have you fighting your way through Dracula’s army to reach the castle.

The iconic characters from the original console games such as Alucard, Simon Belmont, Shanoa, Maria and Charlotte are also a part of this. Depending on the character you choose to play, your fighting abilities will be very different.

The game also features a multiplayer mode known as Bounty Hunt. Here, you’ll have to defeat more enemies than your opponent in a given amount of time. You can play with any player from around the world.

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey

The game plays with the problem-solving area of your mind as you journey through the Krystopia universe solving puzzles. The design of the game is quirky and cartoon-like. The game uses an escape room formula where you’ll have to look for clues in various rooms and escape. The game’s interactive style and smart approach won it a lot of critical acclaim. However, you can complete the game in four to five hours.

Which one of these do you already have on your phone?

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