Best Fitness Apps on Android

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Android has done a lot for health and fitness. Smartphones and smartwatches running the platform allow users to track their workouts, chart their weight, and commit to long-term health goals. Sensors and software allow super-accurate food and fitness tracking on Android, but there are some apps that get the job done better than others.

Some applications are limited, but then the best available fitness applications can track anything. They track activities, foods, heart-rate, and can probably tell you if you are burning calories when playing on or other online services.

Here are some of the best.

Runtastic (Free/Ads/In-app purchase)

Runtastic is a complete and comprehensive app that is a perfect exercise and health companion for day-to-day use. As a workout tool, Runtastic is amongst the best, offering robust tracking and logging capabilities. For example, the app’s GPS tracking can be set for jogging, biking, running, walking and more.

While that’s not unique in itself, Runtastic aggregates tracked workouts into detailed graphs and tables so you can accurately chart your progress. It is also worth mentioning that the app will continue to track you even if you are in the GYM or on a treadmill, so you don’t need to be outside to make the most of Runtastic.

Among its core features are live tracking, a voice coach, and workout goals. This app was also recommended by TheAndroidPortal as the best fitness app. It is also a well-supported app as it is available on Android Wear smartwatches and taps directly into your Facebook and Twitter feed for sharing successes.

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Google Fit (Free)

Developed by Android creator Google, the company’s Google Fit workout and health app is a dynamic and feature-rich experience. It also gets that clean high-end look that all of Google’s services have, adding a premium touch to proceedings.

Because Android is Google’s OS, the app can tap into any sensor on your smartphone or smartwatch to record fitness activity and health. For example, it will chart your pace, distance, route, speed, elevation, and show real-time stats of your exercise. Users can also log goals across disciplines like time, steps, calorie burn, and more.

Google provides complete integration with its Android Wear watch OS, so users can use Google Fit directly on their smartwatch or fitness tracker. Oh yes, Google Fit is also completely free and without ads or in-app purchase.

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MyFitnessPal (Free/$9.99 per month)

MyFitnessPal has been one of the most popular fitness apps on Android for years, and with good reason. People love this app because it is just an all-round performer that does a little bit of everything. Perhaps more notable as a calorie and weight loss charting service, MyFitnessPal still delivers plenty for workouts.
If you want an app to log and chart what you eat, then MyFitnessPal is probably the best choice. Firstly, the database of foods is massive, so you rarely have to go to the trouble of manually logging food and its nutritional data. It also tracks any exercise that can be logged in a daily diary which details how you are performing day-to-day against the goals you set.

If you tap into MapMyRun, a companion app for MyFitnessPal, you get accurate workout tracking through GPS connectivity. MyFitnessPal is also notable for the sheer amount of services and devices it taps into, including Google Fit.

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