Become the Ultimate Soccer Hero With New Game Soccer Moves

Most soccer games (or football for you non-Americans) focus mostly on the pure action. Think of the Fifa franchise for instance. These are fine and dandy but you can do so much more with the theme of soccer than just a generic sports game. Enter in new game by Fuzzy Logic called Soccer Moves. This game is more puzzle than action but has the soccer theme and includes all the moves you would do so in real life.

In a way Soccer Moves plays basically like a top down strategy soccer game. Each level has you in a position where you’re trying to score but there are player obstacles in your way. It is your job, then, to decide where to pass the ball and then who to pass back or other more complicated moves. Levels give you a certain number of moves you have to score and some limit what type of moves you can utilize. So I suppose Soccer Moves is essentially a cleverly designed puzzle game but it plays like you’re playing and analyzing soccer matches.

Soccer Moves has over 90 unique levels of which you’ll face eight different types of defending players. As you play you’ll slowly move from being an amatuer to a professional and move from your backyard to huge stadiums. There are unique rewards to collect on each level for doing special “mission” type objectives as well. Overall, Soccer Moves seems like it is an interesting take on the soccer sports game genre and for the price of free it seems like it’s a no brainer test download.

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