Become the True Monarch in New MMORPG Dragon Realms

This week the long awaiting title from Gree, Dragon Realms, was released. If you don’t know about Dragon Realms it is essentially a fantasy MMORPG where you create your own army of heroes, can build alliances, and build the greatest kingdom in all the land. All of these ideas may have already been done before in other mobile games but Gree has hit the nail on the head with Dragon Realms and has created a huge hit. Already there are over 100,000 downloads and the buzz surrounding it is exponential.

The great thing about Dragon Realms is that for a fantasy MMORPG it is free to play. Of course that insinuates in-app purchases but you can get around without succumbing to those if that is your wish. Like I mentioned above, gameplay is similar to other MMORPGs of this caliber where you collect heroes to form your army and battle countless evil forces. Interestingly enough you can build alliances in Dragon Realms and join forces with your friend’s armies to tackle harder enemies. There are items to collect, tribes to squash and if you’re into PvP there is even PvP events that you can participate in. In general, Dragon Realms has all the ingredients for an awesome fantasy MMORPG, so if you’re into that then I would say Dragon Realms is a must download.

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