Be the Only One Standing Tall in this Arena Styled Sword Fighting Game

Indie game developer Ernest Szoka’s Only One is a fun arena-styled sword fighting game that puts you in the hands of the tiny hero who picks up a magic sword and sets out on a tall pillar to defeat waves upon waves of enemies.

You don’t always have to use your sword to get to your enemies, you also score points to shove them off the pillar. If you still manage to come out of the combats alive, you will meet the big boss, and then eventually level up.

The game’s controls are virtual buttons on the screen and as you gain or purchase new abilities more such buttons will pop up on the screen. There are over 70 levels to play through with enemies becoming more varied (soldiers, slimes, archers, wizards, loot gnomes, and berserkers) and fierce as you go higher up. For instance, the archers will attack you from a safe distance while gnomes will quickly steal away your loot if you let them.

You can defend yourself from the enemies by unlocking new skills that include extra health, shield longevity , quicker movement, stronger damage, and the power to freeze or push your opponent away. There’s also Gamepad support for those who are interested in playing with their controllers.

Are you ready to single-handedly take on the baddies? You can play the pixel-art‘d Only One for free.

User Reviews

Old school is back

Great old school game. It reminds me of the games that people really invested time in making them complex. Very addictive and challenging! 5 of 5

Posted by RetroMan 7 years ago

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