B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job Continues The Franchise

Back in 2009 an animated movie by Dreamcast called Monsters Vs. Aliens came out. It was moderately received by critics but as usual kids loved it. Since then the Monsters Vs. Aliens brand has been used in various things from toys to Halloween specials as well as video games. Now, even three years after the movie video games are still coming out with the brand. This latest game is on mobile from developer Adrenaline Amusements and is called B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job.

In B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job you play as B.O.B. as he embarks on a gravity defying quest in Area 50 something. You don’t control B.O.B. directly but rather the environment around B.O.B. as he slides and flies around. There are tons of obstacles that can stop B.O.B. in his path though such as wormholes, lasers, turbines and Coverton who will freeze you. While, B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job is seemingly marketed towards kids who are fond of the movie it still seems like it has a lot of playability for anyone of all ages. The levels and challenges still look fun to play and even difficult for me, a twenty something year old guy. So if you’re into rotating platformer puzzles give B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job a try, its free and out now!

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