Are You Smart Enough to Figure Out Cubot?

At its surface Cubot seems like a rather simple box puzzle game. The overall goal is to simply move a cube to its arrival tile. The catch? If you have multiple cubes they all move simultaneously! Again, this may not sound like it would pose a big problem to you but in reality it is certainly a brain bender.

I will note up front that Cubot is free but just the first 16 levels. After that you need to purchase the rest through an in-app purchase but it is nice of them to give us all a free taste to see if we like it which I’m sure you will. Gameplay, again, is easy to learn and hard to master. It also is not repetitive which is usually an issue with puzzle games of this caliber. Graphically, Cubot is fairly minimalistic and offers a clean crisp interface as well as with the music/sound. If you want another puzzle game to add to your collection and one that will give you somewhat of a challenge then Cubot may be the game for you.

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