Are You Prepared? Castle Raid 2 Is Here!

After the original Castle Raid you would think the war and battling would be over. Nope! Castle Raid 2 is here. Are you ready? I certainly hope so because Castle Raid 2 is bigger, better and harder than ever before. Gameplay is similar with you having to defend your castle against hordes of different enemies. Along the way you’ve battle in the snowy lands of the Frozen Plains to the open fields in Greenlands.

Like I mentioned above, Castle Raid 2 has a lot of new features added onto the original formula. A big change is that there is same device multiplayer now so you can play with a real life friend sitting right next to you. Singleplayer feature wise there are 20 different battlegrounds covering two different worlds full of new and interesting obstacles. These include spike traps and thorny defense barricades, arrow firing fortified turrets, strategically placed guard zones and a dragon. Yes, a dragon. To help defend your castle there are nine unit types with some interesting characters like the evil Warlock, the sneaky Rogue, the King’s Guard, the cunning Wizard and the reckless Demolition Expert. Castle Raid 2 looks amazing and certainly has enough content to keep you busy for a long, long time. The price for this huge package is $2.99 but if you like defense strategy games then Castle Raid 2 is worth looking into.

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