Are You Afraid Of the Dark? Riddick: The Merc Files Out Now

You’re not afraid of the dark, are you? I certainly hope not because the darkness is your friend in Riddick: The Merc Files as you sneak around taking out your opponents to escape undetected. As you may have guessed, Riddick: The Merc Files is another video game based on the Chronicles of Riddick franchise. It is time to use your superhuman strength to take out Merc leaders in an action stealthy fashion.

Riddick seems to always be escaping from somewhere whether it be Butcher Bay or wherever. Riddck: The Merc Files is no different and revolves around you being stealthy while you escape and takedown Merc leaders. The great thing about Riddick: The Merc Files is that it has situational based gameplay. Meaning the objectives presented to you, you can do them however you want. You can go the full stealthy route and stay hidden the whole time, take out enemies stealthily or just go in guns ablazing. Your weapon choice also helps in this as you can use both melee and ranged firearm attacks. Controls for Riddick: The Merc Files are said to be made specifically for mobile devices. This is becoming a trend lately with games like Dead Trigger 2 and such where you can control everything using two fingers on one hand.  If you’re interested in Riddick: The Merc Files it is available now on Google Play for $3.37 and will be updated regularly.

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