Why Android’s Yearly OS Updates are Better for Business

Android devices have often faced criticism for the device manufacturers exercising control over who gets the updated versions of the Operating System. This leads to difficult situations where a customer pays big money for a high-end phone which eventually fails to compete with rivals only within a few months. This is attributed to the device maker’s continuous participation in releasing the OS upgrade.

Barring a few companies such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola, handset makers do not sell directly to the consumers. Instead, they sell to mobile carriers who further sell it directly to the consumers. These mobile carriers are capitalists who use this opportunity in their stride. Like the Windows mobile platform, Android users are also becoming aware that the chain of engineering is distinct for every handset.

    Why Android’s OS updates are better suited for business purposes
  • There are too many cooks: The Android system has been getting accustomed to newer account users who express their sorrow over the lack of an OS update personalized for a handset. These updates are usually churned out with appealing version names which start the timer to check when a given phone will get the update. Google has failed to address this vicious cycle which is based on its faulty update process.
  • Standard device specifications exclude the issues that Windows mobile or Android phones face with respect to device-specific delays. Microsoft’s ‘Mango’ update was successfully delivered to the Windows devices and this update was neither blocked by any handset manufacturer nor by any carrier. This means that update servers run by the OS offer a consistent experience for the users, thereby eliminating the headache for device makers as well as carriers.
  • With reference to hosting these games, Google will be missing by a big way if they didn’t make Android Pay a part of these transactions. On the positive side, if this works, then making payments and deposits at your online casino destination will become so much simpler. You may not even have to add any payment details specific to the casino; instead, you could use the inbuilt payment details on your personal handheld devices for accessing all your gambling services. This would be as good as turning your phones into a debit card.

Moreover, the hope that many gambling apps will begin using the security method in their Marshmallow updates, could prove beneficial for casinos. With settings where only you could access your mobile slots games, it could in many ways protect your data on the phone.

Many of the UK Casino players are Android users. With updates like Android Marshmallow, it’s quite reasonable that many people playing at the Jackpot Fruity will go on to enjoy their favourite mobile casino games. At UK Casino, software developers and casino providers ensure optimal compatibility across devices for a smooth running of their games on the offer.

However, with incidences of unpleasant lawsuits and customers getting exhausted of update uncertainties; it’s time to watch out for the next move by the company to activate better services.

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