1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday To Revolutionize Mobile Gaming

When you think of mobile gaming themes you normally think of the rather trite and overplayed tropes. Zombie games, cute puzzle games, freemium city builders, etc. While these games are fun to play they don’t offer much depth in story to be honest. iNK Stories aims to change this and revolutionize how people and the media view mobile gaming with their game called 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday which is looking for Kickstarter funding. If you know you’re world history then you’ll know this is an important date for the Iran revolution.

1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday is a game like no other to put it simply. Gameplay is premium console quality that is built for touchscreens and includes many different facets. There is an adventure exploration side to things where you’re explore the city under martial law. Of course, along the way you’ll experience the story brought to you in immersive narration with graphic novel style cinematics. Since the city is under martial law, 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday has a lot of stealth aspects. There is also a lot of relevant mini games such as Triage, Shutdown Power Grid, Navigate-a-Riot, Lead Escapes, Rock Hurling, Dark Room Processing, Graffiti Tagging which help move the story along in unique ways.

The way 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday tells its story is totally different than any other game or game idea I’ve seen. Scenes are purposely designed to look like real historic photos of the event, actual stock footage is included in the gameplay. It really seems like you’ll be replaying history in 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday as close as a video game can do. The team working on 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday is amazing and includes Navid Khonsari who has helped with the cinematic feel in games like Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas. They mention that they hope to release this game this Spring but they still need help on their Kickstarter campaign which is looking for almost $400 thousand by the end of this month. However… they  need to raise more than that to reach a stretch goal in which they’ll bring it to Android devices. 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday has so far recieved great press from CNN, Kotaku, BBC and more praising the idea of it. So if you’re interested in this amazing concept, help out iNK Stories.

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