Hack and Slash


news · 2 years ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Could Easily be The Best Movie Tie In You’ve Played on Android

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not an endless runner … yay for that!


news · 3 years ago

South East Asia Gets a Taste of Zombie Action in Undead Slayer Extreme

Undead Slayer Extreme is a sequel to the rather popular hack ‘n’ slash game that was released last year called Undead Slayer.

Shattered Planet Cover

news · 3 years ago

Explore A Whole Host Of Alien Worlds In Shattered Planet

Want to explore a whole bunch of alien worlds full of strange and exotic creatures?


news · 3 years ago

Saga Heroes Demo Out Now For OUYA

Inspired by classic adventure games on the SNES, Saga Heroes by Wasatch Games has made it onto the OUYA as a demo for now.

Swordigo Cover

news · 3 years ago

Swordigo Comes to the Play Store Bringing Hack ‘n’ Slash Fun for Everyone

Swordigo has been on Android for a few months, but only via the Humble Mobile Bundle 3.

Pylon (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Pylon - Mercenary for Hire

With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) just a month away, we’re going to take a look at one of the potential hit at last year’s GDC – Pylon.

Pylon Full Free Cover

news · 3 years ago

Hack ‘n Slash Action RPG Pylon Lands on the Play Store

Action RPG fans, get ready to add another cool game to add to your collection.

Hero Siege Cover

news · 3 years ago

Hero Siege Brings The Best Of Hack & Slash And Roguelike Gameplay

In Hero Siege you’ll grab whatever weapon you want, whether it be an axe, bow, gun or magic spells and hack & slash your way through hordes of enemies.

ClashOfPuppets Cover

review · 3 years ago

Clash of Puppets - Sorry, Charlie

Have you ever just really wanted to like a game, but for one reason or another, simply couldn’t?

Clash of Puppets Cover

news · 3 years ago

Crazy Puppets are on the Loose in CMG’s Hack N Slash Platformer Clash of Puppets

Crescent Moon Games follows up the release of its platforming adventure Nakama with another gorgeous looking hack ‘n’ slash platformer called Clash of Puppets.

Undead Slayer Cover

review · 4 years ago

Undead Slayer - Age Of Cleave

As the proverbial “horse you rode in on” turns-tail and abandons you in your greatest time of need, you unsheathe your absurdly humongous blade and focus on the approaching groans of the undead.

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