The Great Prank War is CN’s Game Tie-in of the Regular Show

Had enough of movie tie-ins? How about an animated show redo then? Cartoon Network has just released a new spin on the popular animated Regular Show. The game is called The Great Prank War and it brings all your favorite characters from the show (Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips) to engage in some wicked offensive and defensive battles for control over a park.

The backdrop of the game’s story lies in rival East Pines park manager Gene using a time machine to go back in history and take over the park so that he can win the Great Prank War. You must now get into the skin of the game’s hero characters and fight to take back control of the park. You will attack enemy towers, defend the ones you set up and simultaneously battle Gene and his endless goons comprising park rangers, bears, feral hot dogs, and dancing cassette tapes among others.

Each of the heroes are specialized in the art of pranking and have at least one cool skill they excel at. Even the towers and defense elements are prank-loaded so expect a whole lot of insane gimmicks including eggs and glue to get deployed. The Great Prank War covers four seasons from fall to summer with each season carrying its unique levels, challenges and boss battles.

The game is readily available for your Android and Kindle devices for $2.99 with no IAPs to bother you later.


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