A Retro Tower Defense Game; Defend your Crypt

While retro graphics are coming back into popularity I still find that most games and specifically most tower defense games still try to be more modern. They advertise 3D, HD, 4K graphics or go a more cartoony route a la Kingdom Rush. I personally love the retro 8-bit style no matter what so I was happy to see that Defend your Crypt by Ratalaika Games is a tower defense game with old school style.

The story behind Defend your Crypt is you are a god…a powerful one that has been forgotten. You have now awoken to find thieves crawling in your temple trying to steal your sealed away riches. Luckily you can booby trap the heck out of your temple to really stick it to these thieves.  In total there are 18 levels with three different thief types to attack. You have seven different traps you can build to ward off these intruders. Of course, a big aspect of Defend your Crypt is the retro 8-bit graphics which are incredibly detailed and really look great. Overall while Defend your Crypt is still lacking in the content department for now it looks to be incredibly fun.


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