The Mortal Instruments Cover

news · 8 months ago

Movie Game The Mortal Instruments Hits the Small Screen

The Mortal Instruments is a 2D fighting game where you create your own shadowhunter character and go off beating and punching various demon forces.

Gentlemen Cover

review · 8 months ago

Gentlemen! - Fancy a Little Murder, Old Chap?

There are two kinds of fun when it comes to multiplayer games: Regular and relationship-ruining. Gentlemen!

Sine Mora Cover

review · 8 months ago

Sine Mora - Take to the Skies

Back in 2012 (pre-Mayan apocalypse), a sexy dieselpunk style shooter named Sine Mora plastered itself across the PC, console, and Vita world.

Geometry Dash Cover

news · 8 months ago

Face the Impossible with Geometry Dash

Simple one touch games transfer quite well from flash games in your browser to mobile games and there has been quite an influx lately.

Endless Running Retro Style Cover

news · 8 months ago

Endless Running Retro Style

Endless running mobile games are a huge market…just look at the Temple Run series or Skiing Fred.

PlayStation All-Stars Island Cover

news · 8 months ago

Sony Europe Launches Promotional Game PlayStation All-Stars Island

Coca Cola Zero may not have ventured into the mobile gaming scene as yet, but they have become the sponsors of an all-star game from Sony Europe called PlayStation All-Stars Island.

MetalWars3 Cover

review · 9 months ago

MetalWars3 - Liberate Earth from Itself

A century in the future, MetalWars3 is set under the guise of a unified planet Earth called the Earth Federation.

Sine Mora Cover

news · 9 months ago

Sine Mora Loses Exclusivity Status, Now on Google Play

Sine Mora, the shmup or shoot-em up style game that made plenty of noise when it hit Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation last year has finally arrived on Android.

MetalWars3 Cover

news · 9 months ago

MetalWars3 – A Mechanized Showdown

In its third edition, Goorusoft releases MetalWars3 for Android this week and it is a mechanic’s dream.


news · 9 months ago

Send Your Android Phone to Heaven with the Whacky S.M.T.H App

Have you got an Android phone that’s as good as dead and you don’t know what to do with it.

Respawnables Cover

review · 9 months ago

Respawnables - Step Into The Arena

I have been brought up on a steady diet of Quake 3: Arena, Counter-strike and Unreal, so any shoot-em-all deathmatch arena is a second home to me.

My Muppets Show

news · 9 months ago

Disney Unleashes Three Gorgeous Games in One Day with a Special Bonus

Its happy days for fans of the popular entertainment giants, Disney games.

Usian Bolt Temple Run 2 Cover

news · 9 months ago

Usain Bolt, Fastest Man Alive, Now Playable in Temple Run 2

Tired of playing as the “slow” and relatively boring Indiana Jones knockoff in Imangi’s Temple Run 2?

9 Lives Casey and Sphinx Cover

review · 9 months ago

9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx - Man’s Second Best Friend

Imagine you’re a security guard and one day on your night shift you accidentally break an ancient Egyptian golden idol and cause the curse of Bastet on you and a cat that happens to be nearby.

KRE-O CityVille Invasion Cover

news · 9 months ago

Kre-o Cityville Invasion Invades Play Store

Zynga brings us an interesting mix of Tower Defense and Arcade-Action battles.

Song Rush

review · 9 months ago

Song Rush - A Seriously Flawed Musical Runner

Music has always been an integral part of Android games. It lifts the mood, changes the intensity of the game and enhances the quality of gameplay.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Cover

review · 9 months ago

Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame - Doomed by the Past

As a lifelong gamer I always fear the Nerd Police will come and take my membership card away when I admit I’ve never played a 2D Prince of Persia game.

Monster Shooter 2 Cover

review · 9 months ago

Monster Shooter 2 - Perfection Cartoonified

I’ve been writing for Android Shock (SP) for several months now. Up until a few days ago the detractors had only come out of the woodwork once, chiming in to tell me my opinion of Ravensword: Shadowlands was wrong.


news · 9 months ago

A Ride into the Mountains Arrives on Android

What drew my attention to A Ride into the Mountains is the extremely retro pixelated graphics going back to early video game history such as the Commodore 64 but slightly more modernized and very intriguing.

Asterix Megaslap Cover

news · 9 months ago

Asterix Megaslap Hits Google Play

Released on Google Play yesterday is Asterix Megaslap a mobile distance launcher game from developers Bulkypix and features a little bit of history.

Monster Shooter 2

news · 9 months ago

Monster Shooter 2 – Monsters Ate My Android

Top-down shoot-em-ups have the best quality-to-crap going in the Play Store today.

Rockstar Sale Cover

news · 9 months ago

GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and Max Payne Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper

Drugs, violence and prostitutes may not be the best real-life hobbies, but they sure are fun to mess with in video games.

Icebreaker A Viking Voyage Cover

news · 9 months ago

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage Has Android in Its Sights

Nitrome’s popular flash based title which has been picked up by Rovio called Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage has set sail for the Android market.

Bounty Arms Cover

review · 9 months ago

Bounty Arms - Shoots So Good

I have nothing but love for Kerosene Games and Luma Arcade, the companies behind one of my favorite mobile titles, Bladeslinger.

Turd Birds Cover

review · 9 months ago

Turd Birds - A Messy Flying Mischief of a Game

It’s impossible to keep track how many running games there are in the Play Store at this point, but the competition for this genre must be tough enough for 2K Games to create Turd Birds.

Bounty Arms Cover

news · 9 months ago

Bounty Arms is Available for Download on All Android Devices

Kerosene Games, the team that brought you the amazing and wonderful game Bladeslinger is back with its impressive side scrolling platformer called Bounty Arms.

Neon Shadow Cover

news · 9 months ago

Neon Shadow Almost Ready to See the Light of Day

Inspired by retro games such as Doom and Duke Nukum 3D, Neon Shadow started out as a simple game jam idea but has since evolved into becoming a full game.


news · 9 months ago

Pac-Man Makes a Dash to the Play Store as an Endless Runner

Pac-Man the little yellow fellow who roamed mazes and gobbled up dots and ghostly spirits achieved iconic status when the game was first released to audiences in 1980.

Song Rush Cover

news · 9 months ago

Song Rush is a Running Game, Powered by You

No, it’s not a cheesy ad, it’s something really conceptual new on the market.

A Thug In Time Cover

review · 9 months ago

A Thug In Time - Perfectly Meh

I’m going to be honest here: I don’t know what the hell’s going on with A Thug In Time, a new three-quarter perspective shooter on the Play Store.

Magma Mobile Cover

news · 9 months ago

Magma Mobile Out with Their Latest 3D Puzzler, Space Maze

Magma Mobile who brought you fun games like Mahjong 3D and Bubble Blast 2 have just released their latest 3D puzzle game called Space Maze.

Sine Mora Cover

news · 9 months ago

Get Ready Shoot ‘em Up Fans, Sine Mora Set to Debut on Android Soon

Sine Mora rose to critical acclaim when it hit gaming consoles such as the Playstation and XBLA more than 6 months ago.

Mini Mix Mayhem Big

news · 9 months ago

Mini Mix Mayhem Brings Multitasking Gaming to Android

The Android gaming experience is getting interesting by the day. After Rovio’s announcement a couple of days ago introducing telepods to mobile gaming for their upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game, here’s another interesting concept.


news · 9 months ago

Ouya Part Two: The Games

It’s a little easier to form an opinion on the library of games available 20 or so days from the Ouya’s launch.

Kavinsky Cover

review · 9 months ago

KAVINSKY - Can’t Outrun the ’80s

In an epic tie in with the famous French house musician Kavinsky, his new new album Outrun introduces the first ever video game based on a record appropriately titled Kavinsky by Record Makers.

A Thug in Time Cover

news · 9 months ago

Get Ready to Time Travel, A Thug in Time Has Arrived

After teasing us with their dramatic gameplay video, Destructamobile have finally launched their time travelling shooter game A Thug in Time.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Cover

news · 9 months ago

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Now Available in the Play Store

Adult Swim, published in cooperation with PikPok, just introduced a sequel to their famous brand.

Turd Birds Cover

news · 9 months ago

Prepare for Plenty of Bird Pooping, The Turd Birds are Here

The life of a bird ain’t pretty. Just ask these Turd Birds and you’ll know what I mean.

City Cat Cover

news · 9 months ago

Nevosoft’s City Cat Runs Amok on the Play Store

There’s a new kitty in town and he’s called Pixel. But don’t take him for a fluffy little adorable guy like Garfield!

Space Hero Cover

review · 9 months ago

Space Hero - A Zappy Galactic Journey

In Space Hero you play Captain Leon, a cute little blue alien with a big head, a tiny body, and a long antennae.

Destructamobile (1)

news · 9 months ago

Destructamobile Teases Fans with Dramatic Gameplay Video for A Thug in Time

Murderers must be avenged. And there’s no escape for the bad guys even if they can travel through time.

Smash Spin Rage Cover

review · 10 months ago

Smash Spin Rage - The Old Ball and Chain

The deadliest weapon of all is the rage that your enemies use to suppress you.


news · 10 months ago

Disney Publishes The Lone Ranger

Just few hours ago Disney published The Lone Ranger on Google Play, game based on the new movie starring Johnny Depp.

Evertales Cover

review · 10 months ago

Evertales - It’s a Quickie

Dawning your favorite clunky suit of armor and a long, long sword, you make a laborious and awkward dash toward the edge of the cliff.

Tower Treasure Sprint (19)

review · 10 months ago

Treasure Tower Sprint - Sprint for the Gold

What do all men dream of? At least if you believe movies set in exotic places? Gold!


news · 10 months ago

Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame Coming to the Play Store on July 25

Prince of Persia fans, get ready to save the kingdom, rescue the princess and fulfill your density once again.

Ballistic SE

news · 10 months ago

Ballistic SE Blasts Its Way Onto the Play Store

Following a string of top game releases, independent game developer Luke Schneider of Radiangames has unleashed his latest twin shooter called Ballistic (Special Edition).

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