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news · 10 years ago

Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer Adds The Missing Element to The Exciting Kart Racer

Anyone who has played Re-volt on Android has probably rued the fact that the game did not feature multiplayer gameplay.

review · 11 years ago

RE-VOLT 2 : Best RC 3D Racing - Not Quite the Best, Nor Particularly Re-Volting

To the unknowing, RE-VOLT 2 : Best RC 3D Racing sounds like it could hold quite a bit of promise with the offer of putting the thrill of racing radio-controlled cars in the palm of your hand.

news · 11 years ago

RC Car Racing Game Re-Volt Classic Gets a Sequel: More Cars and Fun Stages

In Re-Volt 2 you can choose a unique skin that represents your personality as well as upgrade the speed, accelerating force, handling and stability of each car.