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Angry Birds Go (Cover)

news · 2 years ago

Angry Birds Go! for Android Set to Get New Multiplayer Gameplay

Rovio’s kart racer Angry Birds Go! is all set to get a new update on Android that will let you race against your friends and opponents.

Angry Birds Space Cover

news · 2 years ago

Angry Birds Space Gets a Buzz Aldrin Bird in Out-of-this-World Update Beak Impact

Have you been longing for new updates for that long-forgotten game Angry Birds Space? If so, you’re in luck.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Easter Eggs Cover

news · 3 years ago

Happy Easter Wishes Come to You from The Simpsons, Angry Birds and Others

‘Tis the season for whacking up some lovely bunnies and hunting down Easter eggs!


news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Aftershock Sparks 15 New Short Fuse Levels for Fans

The Angry Birds Bomb bird has been receiving special attention from makers Rovio after a special Angry Birds episode called Short Fuse was dedicated to it.

Angry Birds Rio 26 new levels

news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Rio Gets 20 New High Dive Levels in Latest Update

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Angry Birds movie Rio is getting a sequel Rio 2, and in celebration of the upcoming event, Rovio has released 20 new levels plus six bonus ones (based on the upcoming movie) in Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Stella

news · 3 years ago

Rovio Teases Us with the Art for Their Upcoming Game Angry Birds Stella

Rovio appears to be constantly pushing the boundaries of what the Angry birds can do next.

Angry Birds Rio Cover

news · 3 years ago

Sunny Rio Beckons as Angry Birds Rio Get Upcoming Movie Themed Updates

There will be four episode updates happening over the course of the next six months leading up to the movie release and the first one called Rocket Rumble is already out.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Star Wars Saga Ends with Rovio’s Final Episode Update

While on the one hand the Angry Birds begin a new chapter in their life as kart racing champs, another one seems to be coming to an end.

Angry Birds Go (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Go! - Like Mario Kart But Not

I’m sure that when Rovio announced a few months ago about their upcoming downhill kart racer, Angry Birds Go!, there was a bunch of eyebrows raised and for good reason.

Angry Birds Go Cover

news · 3 years ago

Time to Ruffle Those Tail Feathers: Angry Birds Go! is Here

Angry Birds Go! is a downhill kart racing game that takes place in Piggy island.

Angry Birds Seasons Cover

news · 3 years ago

Deck Your Android with the Angry Birds Seasons Christmassy Update: Arctic Eggspedition

Cold winds and freezing snowstorms may chill you to the bone, but when Christmas is around the corner, you know there’s going to be something to keep you warm and cozy.

Bad Piggies Cover

news · 3 years ago

Bad Piggies Ushers in Halloween with 30 Spooky Levels

The game gets a fresh new update with 30 levels of Tusk ‘til Dawn action that sees plenty of new piggies all dressed up to kill.

Angry Birds Telepods (Cover)

news · 3 years ago

Telepods Are In! And Angry Birds Go! Is Getting Some

Last month we told you about a new Angry Birds kart racing game called Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Star Wars II Cover

review · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Star Wars II - The Force Is Strong With This One

It could be argued that this is the first real mobile game with the burden of a legacy.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (Cover)

news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Star Wars II Makes a Grand Entrance on the Play Store a Day Early

Fans of the ever popular Angry Birds franchise certainly received an exciting surprise when Rovio Entertainment released their highly anticipated sequel Angry Birds Star Wars II a day early.

Angry Birds Star Wars Update Cover

news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Star Wars Gets Massive Update In Preparation For Sequel

For all you who don’t know, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is slated to be released on September 19th and Rovio has sort of taken to doing a countdown this week till the release.


news · 3 years ago

Rovio Showcases Latest Angry Birds Star Wars II Crew: Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn and More

As the big day (September 19th) for Angry Birds Star Wars II fans draws closer, Rovio Entertainment is pumping up the excitement by showing off the game’s characters on their YouTube Channel.


news · 3 years ago

Join the Pork Side in September With Angry Birds Star Wars II

The Angry Birds juggernaut is continuing to steam roll on your mobile devices.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 to Arrive on Sept 19 with Revolutionary Gameplay

It no surprise that Rovio Entertainment Ltd. is cashing in on the Angry Birds Star Wars game after it hit a 100m downloads since its release.

Angry Birds Friends Cover

review · 4 years ago

Angry Birds Friends - Murderin’ Swine With Your Buddies

It’s kind of hard to dislike a company like Rovio. Here we have a game developer who in a lot of ways legitimized mobile devices as a gaming platform and made millions doing it despite a lack of shady business practices.

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