AERENA – Clash of Champions HD

FREE/iap · Fighting/Turn-Based Strategy ·

What you get with AERENA – Clash of Champions HD is a surprisingly deep strategy game that you can play in quick 10 minute bursts. There is a ton of depth to explore in the AERENA world.

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news · 10 years ago

AERENA – Clash of Champions HD Arrives On The Play Store

Ready for an interesting take all around on the tactical strategy genre?

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User Reviews

One of the best turn-based strategies for Android

Very addictive turn based game. It getting pretty difficult later on, so it's not for newbies in turn-base-strategy type of games. Top quality!

Posted by oneStepAhead 10 years ago

Very good steampunk game

As a true Fallout fan, i like the look and feel of this game a lot. Great steampunk graphics and polished gameplay makes this game a must try. Great work!

Posted by Stimpak 10 years ago

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