Reviewers is one of the few sites on the web entirely dedicated to games developed for Android platform and that makes it one of the most popular sites among Android users. Popularity of our site is rising along with global popularity of Android apps… that means daily. With 400k visits and 1.5M pageviews every month, it is probably the most relevant source of android games on the web.

We are looking for quality game reviewers

Our site, as one of the younger Android communities, is in constant search for regular game review writers dedicated to the site. At this moment we are not looking for one-time contributors. If you are familiar with Android platform, if you posses Android smartphone and you have some experience with game reviewing, feel free to apply.

What will you get?

  • reach a huge Android audience by joining the most popular Android-games-related site
  • per-review compensation, depending on your experience
  • your own reviewer account
  • a reviewer profile under each review
  • and, of course, you will become a part of our community of developers and reviewers

How to apply?

First, you need to be seriously prepared to dedicate your time to your site contributions. Being a team member of AndroidShock is both involved and rewarding.

In order to apply, use the contact form and tell us a little bit about yourself, why you would be a good fit, your availability and other conditions. Please include a few samples of your work, so we could get a clearer picture of your experience. Excellent English is absolutely essential to be considered.

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