Regular Sponsorship

Regular sponsorship is what we recommend if you want to take your product to the next level. With our industry-focused promotions, you are assured of gaining big exposure in the Android gaming market. Here’s how it works.

1. Game submission

Your game will be added to our ever-growing game listing page where readers will be able to access all the details related to your game.

2. Featured article

The next step to gaining visibility to a wider audience is to have your product featured on AndroidShock. Our team of writers will come up with a unique high quality article between 200 and 500 words with relevant links and high quality images.

*Article length may vary depending on game featured. In case of specific requirements, please provide them at the time of sponsorship.

3. Social impact

All our featured articles will be shared through our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and G+), increasing the chance that the article goes viral. Our team of writers will also share the articles on their respective social profiles.

4. A feature in our ‘The New Stuff’ section

Your game will be featured on the right side of the front page along with other popular titles.

Pricing & Availability

Regular sponsorship costs $120 per app, and you can book multiple consecutive weeks if you’d like to. We maintain a high standard for the type of apps and services we feature each week, so you need to make a top notch product. If we are going to personally recommend an application, it has to be one that we’ve used and really love!

If you are interested, just fill out an enquiry form and we’ll take a look at your app!

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