Why can’t I find game on the market?

If you can’t find an application, first try editing your search terms; the publisher may have changed the name in the application. If it still doesn’t appear, it may not be available for your type of mobile device, in your location, or on your mobile service provider at this time. Developers have the ability to target applications to specific mobile devices based off screen size, mobile service provider, or location.

From time to time, applications will become unavailable. Publishers might remove their applications from Android Market, or applications may also be removed for policy violations. More info

How can i read QR code?

Here’s how to use the QR codes to make finding apps easier.

Barcode Scanner is required to read the QR code. To get the app, open the Android Market and start a search for “Barcode”. You’ll see several options, but ignore all of them and scroll down to an app labeled “Barcode Scanner” and download the application.

After the app is installed, launch Barcode Scanner and you’ll see a red line across the screen. Move the phone forward to make the viewfinder zoom in on the QR code. The light from your computer screen will occasionally make it difficult to read. If that occurs, back up from the screen and then slowly move forward until the QR code comes into focus.

Once the code is read, a notification will come up that there is a Found URL. Click the “Open Browser” button and it will then bring up your application in the Android Market. Voila, you’ve got your app link. Now you know how to use QR codes.

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