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Stay Alight Cover

news · 9 months ago

Wyse Games Light Up the Play Store with Their Amazing Game Stay Alight

From tiny little country of Latvia, comes a brilliant puzzle and arcade game that hit the top ten games in the App Store in five different countries within a week of its launch.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cover

news · 9 months ago

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 to Arrive on Sept 19 with Revolutionary Gameplay

It no surprise that Rovio Entertainment Ltd. is cashing in on the Angry Birds Star Wars game after it hit a 100m downloads since its release.

Sprinkle Islands Cover

news · 9 months ago

Bring Out Your Fire Extinguishers! Sprinkle Islands is Now on Fire at the Play Store!

Remember that fun, award winning water-based physics puzzle game from Swedish gaming company Mediocre called Sprinkle?

Feed That Dragon Cover

review · 11 months ago

Feed That Dragon - A Medieval Styled Physics Puzzler

Dragons don’t always have to be fierce fire-blowing frightful creatures that are hunted down.

Sprinkle Islands Thumb

news · 11 months ago

Sprinkle Islands Trailer Shows Gameplay

No, it’s not a new Barbie resort. It’s not a nice Carribean island with white sand and whiter coconuts.

Angry Birds Friends Cover

review · 12 months ago

Angry Birds Friends - Murderin’ Swine With Your Buddies

It’s kind of hard to dislike a company like Rovio. Here we have a game developer who in a lot of ways legitimized mobile devices as a gaming platform and made millions doing it despite a lack of shady business practices.

Cut the Rope Time Travel Cover

review · 12 months ago

Cut the Rope: Time Travel - Candy Chomping Om Nom Travels Back In Time For Sweet Pleasures

When Cut the Rope was released way back in 2010, it was a phenomenal success.

Freeze Cover

review · 12 months ago

Freeze! - A Dark Journey To The Unseen

It’s hard to find completely unique puzzle games these days, what with more games copying other popular ones.

Catapult King  Cover

review · 1 year ago

Catapult King - Knock Down Towers And Rescue A Princess

The success of slingshot games like Angry Birds can be attributed to two things: simple game play and engaging characters.

Roby Tumbler Cover

review · 1 year ago

Roby Tumbler - Your Anti-Gravity Hero Fix

Roby Tumbler is yet another physics-based arcade game with a new twist. With its quirky graphics and an even quirkier premise, this game is a class on its own.

Catch the Candy Cover

review · 1 year ago

Catch The Candy - Not As Easy As It Sounds

Catch the Candy is another physics-based game that follows in the success of other similar games like Cut the Rope, but with a lot of these already in the Play Store, does this game offer something different?

Toy Story Smash It Cover

review · 1 year ago

Toy Story: Smash It! - A Light Buzz

Buzz Lightyear stands on a rickety wooden scaffolding, pondering his immediate future as a demolitions expert.

A typical level in Rescue Roby

review · 1 year ago

Rescue Roby HD - An Engaging Puzzler For All Ages

It’s not easy building a game that all age groups will enjoy — it has to be easy to get into, yet challenge players and offer variety in terms of gameplay, and look good to boot.

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