Bladeslinger Cover

review · 1 year ago

Bladeslinger - Slash Your Way Through The Wild West

When I got my first Android device in 2011, I was appalled by the dismal state of the Android Market (as the Play Store was known back then), and particularly by the games available…

Temple Run Oz

review · 1 year ago

Temple Run: Oz - Great and Powerful Indeed

Following its Disney tie-up, Temple Run: Brave, Disney Mobile and Imangi has teamed up for the second time with Temple Run: Oz.

AVP Evolution Cover

review · 1 year ago

AVP: Evolution - They’re Back And On Android

God damn when these two made history, combining two of my favorite movie franchises, the parameters of my world shifted into a new Utopian position.

Cordy 2 Cover

review · 1 year ago

Cordy 2 - Get Wired Into An Electrifying Universe

Platformers are tricky games to play. It needs to be challenging enough to not get boring too soon, but leave enough fun element so it’s worth coming back to again and again.

Gangstar Rio Cover

review · 1 year ago

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints - A Flat Faced GTA

If there’s one thing I hate it’s a copycat. That’s why Gangstar Rio has me so conflicted; how could I actually enjoy a game that is every inch a rip off of the GTA?
I’ll make no bones about it.

Rail Rush Cover

review · 1 year ago

Rail Rush - A Thrilling Cart Ride

Despite the fact that it’s obviously inspired by Temple Run, Miniclip’s Rail Rush is not to be written off as a mediocre copy.

Happy Jump Cover

review · 1 year ago

Happy Jump - A Delicious Journey

There are tons of jumping games on the Play Store, with themes and characters ranging from tropical adventures to suburban mischief, it’s pretty easy to get confused as to which ones are really worth the download.

Contract Killer Zombies 2 Cover

review · 1 year ago

CKZ ORIGINS - A Less-Than-Ideal Mission

Zombies are a ton of fun until they catch up to you — so goes the saying.

Temple Run 2 Cover

review · 1 year ago

Temple Run 2 - Brings a Lot More Fun

When I did my Best Games of 2012 round up, one of the obvious games to make the list was Temple Run. The game is simple to learn, easy to control, and a lot of fun, not to mention Android users were clamoring to get their hands on the game since it’s iOS release. Last week, Temple Run 2 came out and I decided to give it a whirl. Can the sequel live up to the reputation set by the first game? Let’s find out.


review · 1 year ago

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Take It, Hold It, Love It

The 80’s meant pink neon, sunshine, shorts that were far too short and cell phones the size building blocks.


review · 1 year ago

Subway Surfers - The Perpetual Escape

The Spray Paint? I’m Just Holding It For A Friend…

Drop your spray-can, pull your pants up over your cheeks, and burn some rubber!

Icy Towers 2

review · 1 year ago

Icy Tower 2 - A Manic Race To The Top

Claustrophobia grips a small young boy’s heart like a vice as he maniacally catapults himself out of a very, very tall tower.

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