VLAD: Heavy Strike – Full of Action

Always nice to see a new face publishing games on the Google Play store to get some new blood in there. Amine Rehioui just published VLAD: Heavy Strike, a new top down space shooter that has you pitted against huge bosses and waves of enemies. The full version for VLAD: Heavy Strike is $0.99 but there is a lite version for free that has two levels if you want to just test the waters before diving head first.

VLAD: Heavy Strike is a fairly typical top down space shooter which has a retro feel to me. However, everything is rendered in nice 3D graphics and the environments are pretty detailed considering. Waves upon waves of enemies will come at you and you’ll also have to deal with some pretty epic boss battles. Luckily there are some awesome and powerful space ship weapons at your disposal. Also worth mentioning is there are global leader boards in VLAD: Heavy Strike so if you want to be the best there ever was, then you have the chance. So get VLAD: Heavy Strike today or check out the lite version!

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