Types of Casinos Apps on Android

Casino applications are becoming more common on Android, with most of the leading online casinos now available on the Google Play store. In 2020, there are dozens of casino apps to choose from, including social casinos that don’t involve any money changing hands. If you want to play for money or just for fun, Android is now a great platform for casino fans.

It is worth noting online casinos on PCs are also enjoying a massive era of growth. People are increasingly heading to online casinos like as a form of recreation similar to streaming movies on Netflix or playing regular console games. Mobile casino apps are helping to drive this appeal to casual users.

Casino Apps on Android

There are many types of casino applications available on Android, allowing you to choose from a variety of solutions. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the differences between casinos apps on Android is to break them down into the following categories.

  • Free with money – Casino apps that let you bet with real money but won’t charge you to access the app.
  • Free with no money – It’s best to consider these as entertainment apps on Android, allowing you to play casino games with no need to worry about money. These so-called social casino apps still mimic the casino experience but are just for fun.
  • Paid with a financial requirement – These apps are often slot games but can be others and demand you pay money to access the game before playing.
  • Money option – Alternatively, there are Android casino apps that let you choose whether you want to pay any money when you play the games.
  • Full casino apps – As mentioned, many leading online casinos have mobile services. These apps are the most complete casino experience you can have on a smartphone because they provide you with access to all casino games, such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and online slots. Full casino apps also integrate the “free with money” model because you can play games for money or just for fun.
  • Apps with specific casino games – These apps will feature just one casino game. For example, an app that lets you play poker against other people online. Many of these solutions are called social casinos because they don’t use money and let users play against each other.
  • Added feature casino apps – Some Android apps take a casino game and put a twist on it, such as added themes, features, and graphics. This is common on Android slot games that offer unique bonuses and social interactions.

It is worth noting that some casino apps on Android will mix several aspects of the list above. If you want a traditional casino experience, the apps provided by leading online casino brands are the best choice. For entertainment, social apps that don’t require money allow you to play casino games without worrying about losses.

The list above can help you make the right choice and find the online casino experience you want on your Android smartphone.

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