Turbolab Pursuit Brings Running and Shooting In One Package

Bulkypix’s newest game, Turbolab Pursuit, is certainly an interesting one. The idea behind it is you play as a mad scientist who just invented the first car. However, the local mafia would love to get their hands on it so they are coming after you. You therefore must get in your car and run away.

Everything about Turbolab Pursuit is pretty crazy and over the top. This includes both the racing/running aspect to the shooting aspect. For example you can pimp out your car with such things as an aircraft aileron, a tractor engine, a wrecking ball, and more. Likewise you can get weapons like kung fu sheep, melon cannons and tortoise-launchers, and more. Both sides come together to form a super addicting and super crazy gameplay experience. There are also tons of character customization options like hats, outfits and hair. All together this makes for over 4,000 combos. The actual levels in Turbolab Pursuit are randomly generated and full of wacky surprises. Overall, Turbolab Pursuit is a great game with a lot of cool things going on.


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