Try This Challenging Game For OUYA; Stop the Bots

If you have a OUYA then you should check out this new game by Scary Robot Productions called Stop the Bots. As the title implies the overall goal is relatively simple…just stop the bots from attacking Earth and stealing all of our resources. However, Stop the Bots has tons of content to keep you busy and challenged intellectually as well.

Specifically, Stop the Bots is a perfect blend of puzzles with classic arcade action. There are currently 90 levels that have a play value of dozens of hours. This is pretty good for a mobile or OUYA game so I praise Stop the Bots for that. Levels employ over a dozen different elements throughout the whole 90 levels to always keep you on your toes and interested. There is also a level editor where you can create levels or download ones from other players. This way there is literally an infinite amount of levels to play. Overall, Stop the Bots is classic fun that is a welcome addition to the OUYA library.

Get Stop The Bots on OUYA app store.

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